August 12, 2010

Maximo and Asset Management self-education resources

Having a technical backgound, my first attempt was to try to dive in the product and look at it with a bottom-up approach. After few days installing, configuring and playing with some Maximo product i found myself lost and decided to step back in my chair and take some time to study some ITSM (IT service management), AM (Asset Management) and Maximo stuff from a higher level.

The IBM Tivoli Information Center is a good source of information but I think it is not the right place to start. IBM Redbooks have a more tutorial style so are more approriate for me. Searching for the word 'Maximo' i found several books. Here are the query results.

Among them I have selected the Certification Study Guide Series: IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.1. It may be boring but it is very useful to understand the asset management business and have an overview of Maximo features.


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  2. Hi Arpit,
    to start understanding Maximo i would suggest a quick look at the 'IBM Maximo User Guide':

    I don't have details about market demand but I see a growing adoption of Maximo related products in large companies.

    It is not possible to download and install a trial version of Maximo. However there is a demo site hosted by IBM:

  3. Hello Bruno,
    I'm a computer science fresh graduate and i'm gonna start on working as maximo technical consultant soon. So can you feed me with the important issues to train myself on? i don't know mainly what to learn or check for. I found that it's basically related to J2EE. I know java, so do you think is it good to download tutorials for J2EE or i should concentrate on other stuffs like Maximo Asset Management Software.

    Thank you and i appreciate your help. This is my email if you prefer to contact me there.

    1. Hi,
      I think you shouldn't focus on J2EE because Maximo it's not a real J2EE application.
      Maximo is really complex and has lot of features. Even if you need to customize Maximo using Java you should understand the basics of TPAE. Unfortunately, it's hard to suggest where to start. You may try to start fro IBM RedBooks on Maximo:

  4. Thank you Bruno .. I appreciate your help :)

  5. I work for a company that customize MAXIMO, how that company could ask for "developer" version to self-study?

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