August 6, 2010

Welcome to IBM Maximo Customization and Development Blog

Welcome to my new blog. I work for IBM since 2000 and I recently joined the IBM Tivoli Advanced Technology Group. My primary focus will be on customization and integration of IBM Maximo products.
During my first days of self-study I'm feeling excited about the new challenge but I often loose myself in tons of product documentation. In many cases i have tried to search on the web to solve specific problems and I seldom found answers to my questions. That's why I decided to create my blog to discuss and share IBM Maximo features, customization and development topics that I'm going to tackle in the next years.
The first topics will be about learning resources and tips I discovered to speed up my knowledge of Maximo. I few months I plan to be able to share advanced customization and development techniques.
So... lets start.