April 4, 2011

How to schedule Preventive Maintenance at the first working day of each month

During one of my consultancies I was asked how it is possible to remind one person to produce a report each month. They want to generate the PM application to generate a work order for the first working day of each month.
This can be achieved with a tricky use of a 'Time Based Frequency' and 'Seasonal Dates' settings.
First you need to create a PM entry and set a frequency that is more than one week and less than one month. 20 days is a good choice. Leave the 'Use Last WO's Start Information to Calculate Next Due Frequency' option checked.

Then you need to configure the 'Seasonal Dates' unchecking the Sunday and Saturday options. Finally add twelve rows in the 'Active Dates' section specifying the first three days of each month. See the following screenshot.

Set the 'Estimated Next Due Date', activate the PM and generate the work orders for 360 days using the action menu. Go in the Work Order Tracking application and you will see your workorders.


  1. Will I see one work order each month waiting to be scheduled, or will I see them all at the same time?

    1. In the described scenario, Maximo will create one work order each month waiting to be scheduled.


  2. I have a problem in the MP file exactly with the Next due date and last start date
    date fields becomes empty after running MP

  3. Hi, Interesting exemple. I try to do a similar one but haven't got any success. I try to schedule a daily PM that would skip week-ends (saturday and sunday). As for now, i didn't have any success. Any hints ?