March 11, 2012

How to change the color of a field using conditional expressions

This entry is part of the Conditional Expressions HowTo.

Here is a step-by-step guide about how to dynamically highlight workorders that have a high priority in the WOTRACK application. This is just an example and the same configuration can be used to change the color of a field based on a particular condition.

Define conditional expression

Open Administration - Conditional Expression Manager application. Create the following conditional expression.

Configure WOTRACK application

Open System configuration - Platform Configuration - Applications Designer application and edit the WOTRACK application. Select the first column (Work Order) and open the properties window. Click on Configure Conditional Properties button (on TPAE 7.5 it is in the Advanced tab). Use READ as Signature Option and EVERYONE as the security group. Enter the defined condition WOHIPRI with Property=cssclass and Value=bgred. For a list of all the properties available for each control please refer to this document.
Here is how the Conditional Properties properties should look like.

Verify results

Now all the work orders with a priority equal to 1 will be highlighted in red.


  1. Hello,

    is it possible to change colors for records in Start Center's records view???

    1. In the Result Set Setup you should see a 'Display Options' tab.
      Here you can color the rows of the result set based on some conditions.

    2. Hi Bruno,
      What if i want to change the colour of a Tab within an application.
      On a Workorder, if there are Related Records, I want the tab to display RED so user's know that there are Related Records for the Workorder.

      What's the expression?

    3. Hi Amar check the following link to know:

  2. In Maximo 7.5, the exercise for changing colors no longer seems to work. Has something changed?

    1. You are right something has changed.
      Look at the link I have added at the end of the article.

    2. Hi Bruno,
      Where is the link? Does changing tab 'Label' color works in maximo 7.5 ?

  3. Hi,

    Link doesn't work.
    Can you post a new one?


  4. Is it possible to display Classification Attributes in a different color if they are required?

  5. I think it is possible but don't know how complex the conditional expression could be.

  6. I am trying in 7.5 to change the color attribute if the field contains certain text. Is that doable? Or would the query have to be setup with only items containing the text?