Hide data conditionally for a specific group

This entry is part of the Conditional Expressions HowTo.

A very typical customization task is to restrict the visibility of data within Maximo/TPAE applications based on certain conditions.
For example you may wish to hide all the purchase orders that have a total costs higher than 1000$ for a specific group. Here is a small tutorial about how you can achieve this.

Open Administration - Conditional Expression Manager application and create the following conditional expression.

Now go to the Security - Security Groups application. Choose the desired group and open the Data Restrictions tab.
Create the following Object Restriction:

If you now logon with a user belonging to the chosen group and open the Purchase Orders application you will see that only POs with a total cost of less than 1000 will be listed.

There are three types of object restrictions that may be used to accomplish different goals:

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