June 6, 2012

Creating a custom dialog box to send a report via email

An outstanding tutorial from Daniel Ng explaining how to create a custom dialog box to send a report via email.
The tutorial is very detailed and explains a lot of Maximo/TPAE stuff including:
  • Create a custom XML dialog box
  • Attach the dialog box to an application
  • Associate a signature option to the dialog box
  • Associate the custom dialog box to a custom toolbar button
  • Create a custom AppBean class
  • Create a custom message box
  • Turn on debugging mode for the logger
  • Deployment and testing.
Many compliments Daniel!


  1. Hi Sir,

    Is it possible to a checkbox on the 'Select Owner' dialog box without extending the maximo bean class? Thanks!

  2. Hi Bruno, I have some question related to this regarding scheduling reports and send email with PDF attachment, it works the sample Automation Script provided By IBM but, the PDF attached has no data row fetched meaning its empty but the report header is there. I checked the codes of Daniel Ng, it was entire customization, I just need automation script.