August 15, 2012

Maximo Glossary

In the following table I have listed the most important terms and acronyms that are commonly used in the Maximo/TPAE world.

BIRTBusiness Intelligence and Reporting Tools is an Open Source software embedded in TPAE that provides reporting.
CCMDBIBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database (official product page).
EAMEnterprise Asset Management.
KPIKey Performance Indicators. Visual indicators displaying status against predefined targets.
MAMMaximo Asset Management.
MaximoIt was the original product developed by MRO and acquired by IBM in August 2006. The term 'Maximo is commonly used both to identify IBM Maximo Asset Management product and the underlying infrastructure on which many IBM Service Management products are built.Additional details here.
MBOMaximo Business Objects are data beans provided by TPAE and used to access data. The MBO term is generally used to indicate the TPAE business object layer.
MEAMaximo Enterprise Adapter. MEA has been renamed in release 7.1 to Maximo Integration Framework (MIF).
MIFMaximo Integration Framework (previously Maximo Enterprise Adapter).
QBEQuery By Example. Using your application’s filter and/or query, you can immediately generate reports and download the results.
SCCDSmartCloud Control Desk (official product page). The new IBM SmartCloud Control Desk is the merge of TSRM, TAMIT and CCMDB in a single solution for IT service management.
TAMITTivoli Asset Management for IT (official product page).
TPAETivoli Process Automation Engine also known as Base Services. Additional details here.
TSRMIBM Tivoli Service Request Manager (official product page).

Do you see mistakes or missing items? Send me your requests and I will improve this listing.

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