August 1, 2012

Detect if an MBO method has been invoked by an user session or by a background process

You are in the middle of a Mbo class and you have to perform some logic only if your piece of code is invoked by a user sitting in front of of Maximo UI.
How would you understand if the Mbo method has been invoked by an interactive user session or by a background process like an escalation, crontask or MIF?
Here is a Java snippet to retrieve this information.

boolean isInteractive = getUserInfo().isInteractive();

Just put it in your Java method and use the isIntercative flag as you want.


  1. Hi Bruno,

    I'm trying to use it in automation script. First question, can it be used using jython ?
    Second question, if yes, I have written script where I want to send automatic notification if the data is being modified by Integration and not by any user.
    But it is not sending mail. I put condition like
    send the mail.
    But it is not going inside the if means it is taking it as Y.
    Can you please help me with this.

    Thank You.

  2. I got it. I did like
    if not(isInteractive):
    send mail.
    isInteractive gives True or False.

    Thanks for informative blogs.