October 19, 2012

How to create Maximo demo database (MAXDEMO)

The Maximo contains an extremely useful command to create a demo database filled with a sample data. This can be really helpful when learning haw Maximo works.

Tho create the demo database perform these steps.
  • Stop the application server (MXServer)
  • Open a command prompt
  • Move to:[SMP_DIR]\maximo\tools\maximo
  • Issue the following command:

By default both tablespaces are equals to MAXDATA so the following command should work.


To create an empty databasse add the -imaximo parameter.

maxinst -imaximo -sMAXDATA -tMAXDATA

For further details about the maxdemo command see this IBM technote.


  1. Please tell me that in place of tablespaces what shall I use? By default it is MAXADATA, I want to know what is MAXDATA here?

  2. Your DBA creates the database. The tablespace name can be whatever you want it to be or that your DBA has named within the database. For demo database, the tables and indexes can be in the same tablespace. For production use, the tablespace may be different names (allocated to different disks) for performance reasons.

  3. I'm installing maximo on AIX with Oracle DB, should I use -x parameter, if yes can you plz give me exampls