February 4, 2013

Multiple browser sessions

Did you ever need to open multiple Maximo UI sessions?
If you want to perform work in parallel to become more productive, you can launch multiple browser tabs or windows as the same user.
You only need to use a URL like this to connect to your Maximo server:

When this procedure is followed correctly, each browser tab will receive its own unique uisessionid allowing to work concurrently with multiple browser's tabs.

For more details check out the original article on developerWorks.
If you have problems in your environment to use this technique you should take a look at this IBM TechNote.


  1. Always!
    But little correction.
    Out of box, there is no support of multitab browsing. You will get "broken" UI, and unlike 7.1/2.x where was able to press Start Center button(it was text), in 7.5.x, you will unable to do anythink.
    So first you nead to pass steps here: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21596864

    1. Thank you for the tip. I have updated the article.