March 10, 2013

Show current logged users in MAXADMIN's Start Center

A useful portlet (result set) that I typically configure on MAXADMIN's Start Center is the list of users logged to Maximo server. I use this to perform unplanned system maintenance that requires setting admin mode or restarting the server.

To configure this portlet you first have to create the related query. Open Users application, input the following where clause (under Advanced Search menu) and press OK button.
userid in (select userid from maxsession where active=1 and issystem!=1)

Save the query with the following properties:
  • Query Name: LOGGEDUSERS
  • Description: Currently logged in users
  • Public: No
  • Default?: No
Open the MAXADMIN Start Center and add a Result Set portlet.
Edit the portlet and select the LOGGEDUSERS query. In the Column Display tab select the following columns: USERID, TYPE, PERSONID.


  1. I would add also:

    issystem !=1

  2. If you create the query from within the PEOPLE application instead, your result set can include DISPLAYNAME (helpful for those of us with many users!)....

    personid in (select userid from maxsession where issystem !=1)

  3. another option is that you might have userid <> personid then following query should accommodate the requirement:

    personid in (select personid from maxuser where userid in (select userid from maxsession where issystem !=1));

  4. Another option is to create a custom Application on MAXSESSION, create a Query in that application, authorize administrators to that application and put a startcenter-portlet using that query. from there you can directly jump to the maxsession-app and log-off users.