April 3, 2013

List Maximo customizations

In this little post I will share few database queries to list the customizations made to your Maximo environment. It also applies to other TPAE based products.

Security restrictions

SELECT * FROM securityrestrict
ORDER BY objectname, attributename;

Custom objects and attributes

SELECT * FROM maxobject
WHERE userdefined=1
ORDER by objectname;

SELECT * FROM maxattribute
WHERE userdefined=1
ORDER by objectname, attributename;

Custom code
For an accurate analysis of customized Java classes you can use the IBM Maximo Customization Detection Tool. When the customization detection tool is executed, it generates a report that will list all of the services, object, and attribute classes that have been extended for Maximo or Maximo industry solutions and add-on products.
You may also try another technique to compare two different Maximo instances as described in this post.


  1. Good post!!!
    Very useful for upgrade projects.

  2. So when industry solutions like Utilities *T&D were applied to Maximo , will those additional attributes in existing OOB tables tagged as userdefined even though those are part of industry pack ?