June 11, 2013

SCCD 7.5 and Maximo 7.6 user interface System Properties

SmartCloud Control Desk 7.5 and Maximo 7.6 have introduced new UI skins and navigation behavior.

There are four new System Properties which control the left navigation pane and other related visual attributes.
  • mxe.webclient.homeButtonHeaders - Moves Goto menu to left of the screen and adds Start Center button to the header
  • mxe.webclient.systemNavBar - Enables the lefthand navigation
  • mxe.webclient.tabBreadCrumbs - Removes tabs from list view
  • mxe.webclient.verticalLabels - Sets label above each input field
The skin can be selected setting the mxe.webclient.skin property: tivoli09 is the default 7.5 skin, tivoli13 is new skin.

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