June 20, 2014

Invoke an Action when a button is pressed

In this article I explain how to attach/associate an action to a push button in an application.

  1. Create the Action you have to call if not already done (Go To - System Configuration - Platform Configuration - Actions).
  2. Open your application with the Application Designer and create a Signature Option with the same name of the Action you want to call (Actions - Add/Modify Signature Options - New Row).
  3. Expand the 'Advanced Signature Options' section and set 'This is an action that must be invoked by user in the UI'.
  4. Create a Push Button on the application with the following settings
    1. Event: enter the action name
    2. Signature Option: READ 
  5.  Grant the Signature Option to appropriate users in Security Groups.


  1. Hi Bruno, thanks for this very useful topic. I have setup a launch in context entry.

    A sig option and button was added to the wotrack app and it works for the most part. The button is placed in the Plan tab inside the Material buttongroup. Oddly, if the material table is empty (no rows), the launch entry fails with following error:

    "BMXAA5619E - The launch entry name that was provided is not valid. Configure a valid launch entry for the oeprational management product or for the integration module before you proceed."

    However, if there are one or more rows in the table, then the button is triggered fine and am able to see the external site. Note that the URL is very simple and has no dependency on any data in the material list table. It only takes the asset number and site id. Example:


    This is a Maximo environment. Do you think this is a bug or a configuration issue?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Bruno
      I am able to get a Button to call an Action when pressed.
      I also want this button to display a pull down menu at the same time.
      Seems that If I set the MENU Type to a SELECT, the action is not performed.
      Is there some way to call and action and get the pull down menu to work?

  2. Thanks for all of the great info in this blog! One additional step I found was required was a restart of the application server. Without this, the button did not work properly.

  3. Hi is it possible to goto start center after pressing cancel or close button in any application