September 4, 2014

MxLoader 4.1 has been released !

Hi all,
I have just released MxLoader version 4.1 on developerWorks.

These are the new features:
  • Rewritten XML/TABLE conversion algorithm to support unlimited levels of nested objects
  • Many MxSheet templates added with object's primary key fields underlined in header row
  • Object count limit now works also for sync action
  • For sync operation it is possible to specify the action (Add, Delete, Update, Change, Replace, AddChange)
  • New button to quickly create custom MxLoader Object Structures
  • MxLoader.xlsm file size reduced from 4 MB to 0.5 MB
  • Comments support in MxSheet templates
  • Removed text formatting for text fields because it was messing Excel formula automatic calculation
  • Performance optimization in attribute lookup algorithm (GetAttrType)

Feel free to download it and it everyday.
For questions and support please use this forum.

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