March 25, 2016

Remove the 200 record limit in Anywhere simulator

The mobile app simulator is a great tool when developing mobile applications with Maximo Anywhere. Obviously it does not replace a good test on the real device but it is essential during development especially when the browser development tools are used to inspect and debug the app.
One limitation of the simulator is the 200 records limit when downloading lookup data so the following message is displayed: When running in a browser, a maximum of 200 records are downloaded per lookup.

Set debug="true" attribute to the app element at the beginning of the app.xml file.

However, if you have a lot of data to download this may cause a hang during the lookup data download in the web browser. This is because the mobile browser storage is limited to few megabytes.

To circumvent this problem you can try to modify
WorkExecution\common\js\platform\store\_ServerDataDownloadManager.js file.
Search for '200' and you should see something like this.

if (limitData && pageSize > 200) {
  pageSize = 200;

Change both numbers to 500 or whatever number fits your needs.

March 24, 2016

Maximo Anywhere Simulator issues with Google Chrome

You know that Google Chrome is the preferred browser for previewing mobile apps when developing with Maximo Anywhere. However, it seems that Google Chrome automatic updates are a big pain because sometime the simulator stops working correctly.

I know there were at least 3 problems caused by a Chrome update:
  • Menu is not displayed correctly
  • Mobile app is not responding to clicks
  • Javascript error: win.doc.getCSSCanvasContext is not a function
I these situations you can always open a PMR to get a fix from IBM but I believe there is a better strategy. Use Chromium !
It is the OpenSource version of Chrome sharing the same code base but with no automatic update.
You can download it from here:
I'm currently using Cromium 44.0.2383.0 and I no longer have to worry for a bad update.