March 24, 2016

Maximo Anywhere Simulator issues with Google Chrome

You know that Google Chrome is the preferred browser for previewing mobile apps when developing with Maximo Anywhere. However, it seems that Google Chrome automatic updates are a big pain because sometime the simulator stops working correctly.

I know there were at least 3 problems caused by a Chrome update:
  • Menu is not displayed correctly
  • Mobile app is not responding to clicks
  • Javascript error: win.doc.getCSSCanvasContext is not a function
I these situations you can always open a PMR to get a fix from IBM but I believe there is a better strategy. Use Chromium !
It is the OpenSource version of Chrome sharing the same code base but with no automatic update.
You can download it from here:
I'm currently using Cromium 44.0.2383.0 and I no longer have to worry for a bad update.


  1. Bruno,

    With the version that you suggested are you facing scrolling issue in the apps. Clicks are responding fine but scroll bar is not working.:(


  2. There is also: . And there is also Chrome portable although it might be difficult to find a specific version unless you saved it.

  3. Dear all,
    We are developing MaximoAnwhere-7.6 android application using maximoAnwhere server source code but while trying to login to android environment can't able to login and there is no error. So i remove the server code android environment and i tried to recreate it and its login successfully. Now i want to know the below the issues,

    how to re-generate apps features plugin eg: map,barcode scanner ...etc
    while accesing workorder detail view from workorder list view, there is no response and keep on loading only. While checking the logs for android LOGCAT i am getting following error,

    Uncaught TypeError: win.doc.getCSSCanvasContext is not a function