June 13, 2017

MxLoader now supports attachments

I have just implemented the capability to upload attachments straight from MxLoader. This is in response to some requests on my blog and MxLoader support forum.

Starting from Maximo it is possible to import attachments to an object through MIF using Base64 encoding.
MxLoader has the capability to read files from the filesystem, encode them in Base64 and upload them on Maximo. This can be done on any Maximo object that supports attachments but the integration object structure has to be modified to include the DOCLINK object.

In this example the MYASSET object structure has been created with the DOCLINKS child object.

To specify a file to be uploaded you have to prefix the full path of the file with the ‘file:///’ string. Look at the screenshot below for an example of how to add two attachments to an asset.


  1. Hi Bruno,In MXloader when I use Classification Hierarchy template,I am trying to send some extra fields but the data is not being updated,Can you please assist.

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  3. Very Usefull information shared than other blogs
    Thanks for Sharing and Keep updating.....

  4. very useful ! thanks Bruno for sharing!

  5. Hi Bruno - thank you for sharing. Hoping you can clear up an issue for me. I did exactly what you have above. However when I load the file - it loads as a number and is unable to open unless it's a pdf or txt. doc and xls will not open. Data is loading to the doclinks object like this - /fxx/app/xxxxx/maximo/IBM/HTTPServer/htdocs/attachments/1500923495164 - when I try to open it doesn't understand the format - when I load through the front door I see this in doclinks - /fxx/app/xxxxx/maximo/IBM/HTTPServer/htdocs/attachments/excelxls.xls - and it opens fine - please help - ty Dawn

    1. Figured this out. Have to add urlname to the MxLoader before the description column and make it match the description column. Now it updates the url correctly to open.