October 25, 2017

How to extract emails to notify users

There are several situation where you need to quickly notify a set of users sending them an email. These are few examples of such situations.
  • There is a urgent maintenance activity to perform on Maximo that requires to enable the admin mode and logoff all the users.
  • You are going to rollout an additional validation into an application that will affect the way technicians must enter data when closing work orders.
  • An important event has appended (incident or critical problem) and you must alert people as soon as possible.

The built-in Bulletin Board application often solves these problem that allows to broadcast information throughout your organization. You can specify an audience for a message, based on organization, site or person group. Messages will appear on the start centers and a notification icon will be displayed at the top of the window.
Furthermore, the 'Create Communication' action allows to send an email to the selected audience.

There are just two limitation of this approach.

  1. You want to use a Security Group to select who to notify.
  2. You want to send the email from your inbox in order to interact with the recipients more easily.
I have solved this little problem with an easy trick. I have added the email address to the list view of the Security Groups application.

It is really easy... follow this steps:
  • Open the Application Designer application
  • Search for application USER
  • Add a column in the list view and type PERSON.PRIMARYEMAIL in the Attribute field
  • Save

Now if you go the Users application you will see the email addresses of your users listed. You can also filter by security group in the advanced search to refine your list.
Exporting the table and pasting the email addresses cells into your preferred email client will do the trick.

A similar configuration can also be used in the People application (PERSON). However, you can't search for security groups from there.

Now don't spam your users everyday...


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