Integration Framework

The Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) is an integral part of the Tivoli Process Automation Engine (TPAE) that allows the synchronization and integration of data and applications between the TPAE applications and external systems.

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  1. Bruno, are there supposed to be links next to each topic? Nice summary of topics. The HTML calls to Object Services post was quite helpful. Thanks.

    1. The entries without links are just placeholders for topics I'm interested in writing an article.

  2. hi bruno, can you help me? How to make maximo can integrate with enterprise applications such as SAP without using SOA? Because I want to make an application with java.

  3. where are integration best practices given

  4. Can anyone help me for Smart cloud control desk Integration with Tivoli Service automation manager usin REST API with the help of jython/python scripts

  5. How would MEA configuration be different in case of using external JMS like Tibco or webMethod?

  6. Hi i have a question, using maximo ibm 7.1 in workorder aplication or plusdwotrack aplication when you make an issue or return of any products, we have set an conditional expresion that only show "add row" buttorn when workordTer or wonum status in ('APROVED', 'OTEJECUDA') AND other kind of status, but i need to someone always any priviligied user can see allways the addrow button, how can i do that? this is my conditional expression.
    :STATUS not in ('APROB','OTEJECUTADA','ESP_CLIENTE','CORRCONTRA','CLOSE','CERRADA') and :user in (select distinct user grom maximo.grouser where groupname='STOREROM')

  7. Hello Bruno,
    wanted help with OSLC, PLEASE REPLY.

  8. Hi Bruno, I want to develop a cron task using the classes generated from the wsdl file, I have to rewrite the wsse security header and i am using axis framework.Please help

  9. Hi Bruno,
    I need your help. I have Publish Channel. I want to save outgoing message and incoming answer to dedicated table when answer is wrong. How can I do this in java class?
    Best regards.

  10. Hi Bruno,

    We develop a mobile incident reporting app and are looking to offer integration with Maximo as a data feed to allow clients to link our manager web services with their Maximo implementation. How should we proceed to obtain access to a sandbox Maximo environment for development purposes.

    Thank you.

  11. Hi Bruno,
    Would be you be able to put me in touch with someone that has integrated FileNet & Maximo?

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