How to delete a Maximo application

Maximo does not allow to delete applications from the Application Designer. However, there is a trick well hidden in the Application Developer Guide to accomplish this task using a SQL client. Note that only user defined application should be deleted. Out-of-the-box applications can be hidden using the standard Maximo security mechanism.

It is better to backup the Maximo database and shut down the application server before proceeding.
To delete an application, open a database editor and complete the following steps:
  1. Open an SQL client and connect to MAXIMO database.
  2. Type the following commands, replacing the variable with the name of the application you want to delete. Enter the application name in all uppercase. For example, if the name of the application you want to delete is TEST, replace APPNAME with TEST in all the commands.
delete from maxapps where app='APPNAME';
delete from maxpresentation where app='APPNAME';
delete from sigoption where app='APPNAME';
delete from applicationauth where app='APPNAME';
delete from maxlabels where app='APPNAME';
delete from maxmenu where moduleapp='APPNAME' and menutype!='MODULE';
delete from maxmenu where elementtype='APP' and keyvalue='APPNAME';
delete from appdoctype where app= 'APPNAME';

Remember to commit the transactions.
When using this procedure I discovered that there are other two tables that must be cleaned.
delete from sigoptflag where app='APPNAME';
delete from wfapptoolbar where appname='APPNAME';

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