List Maximo customizations

In this little post I will share few database queries to list the customizations made to your Maximo environment. It also applies to other TPAE based products.

Security restrictions

SELECT * FROM securityrestrict
ORDER BY objectname, attributename;

Custom objects and attributes

SELECT * FROM maxobject
WHERE userdefined=1
ORDER by objectname;

SELECT * FROM maxattribute
WHERE userdefined=1
ORDER by objectname, attributename;

Custom code
For an accurate analysis of customized Java classes you can use the IBM Maximo Customization Detection Tool. When the customization detection tool is executed, it generates a report that will list all of the services, object, and attribute classes that have been extended for Maximo or Maximo industry solutions and add-on products.
You may also try another technique to compare two different Maximo instances as described in this post.

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