Automatically set Everyplace start center for mobile users

Maximo Everyplace is the easiest solution to go mobile with Maximo however there is one little thing that always annoys me (and mobile users).

After having created mobile versions of the Maximo apps, the administrator has to define a mobile start center with a Favorite Applications portlet to access them. Unfortunately, there is no way to set this as a 'mobile' Start Center so each user have to click on the Display Settings link and select the Is Mobile check box for the specific start center.

In the real world this means that after having set up Maximo Everyplace I have to send an email to all the mobile users with the instructions about how to setup their mobile start center.

Here is a simple escalation to automatically set the Is Mobile checkbox for the designated start center for all the users.

First of all we need an Action to set the flag:

Then we can define the Escalation to run the action:

The [EVGROUP] should match the name of your Security Group(s) with the mobile start center assigned.

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