Syncing data with an external system using a Publish Channel

This entry is part of the Maximo Integration Framework series.

Publish Channels in MIF allows to send daya to external systems using a variety of protocols. In this article I will demonstrate how to automatically export new or updated assets into CSV/XML files. Those files can then be processed by an external application to perform additional logic or to replicate the assets.

Create an Integration Object Structure MYASSET and add the ASSET object as source.

Remember to select 'Support Flat Structure' if you need CSV export.

Now create the Publish Channel MYASSETS.

Create an External System (or reuse your own) and add the MYASSETS Publish Channel to it.

Enable Publish Channel and test that everything is ok using the 'Data Export' button. A CSV file should appear in few minutes in your MIF output folder (see system property). If you have problems check the JMS queues, JMSQSEQCONSUMER crontask and anything that may block the publish channel functionality.

To automate of the XML/CSV file when an asset is created or updated, you have to enable the event listener on the Publish Channel. Open the MYASSETS Publish Channel and select the Enable Event Listener menu action.
Now open an asset, change its description and save it. This should automatically trigger the invocation of the Publish Channel and you will see a new file in the MIF directory with the updated asset.

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